Lexington, Kentucky Ska!


It's been a while since our last update, so let's get everyone up to speed!

First off, our grand return a couple of weeks ago was a smashing success! We couldn't be more proud of the new folks who were on stage with us. And, we couldn't be more humbled by the support and energy of our fans who came out that night. 

Secondly! The reason we have been so quiet is because we have been locking ourselves away in the Fortress of Skalitude and cranking out new jams for your listening pleasure. Those who attended our return show have already heard some of them, and they can be heard again, on May 26th, at the Rough Dodos Skank and Grind. It's a local blend of four awesome bands. See you out on the dance floor!

New Tunes on the Way! 

Hey kids!

In addition to preparing for our return to the stage, we have been hard at work preparing for our return to the studio. We have a few new songs in the works now, and a slew of others in reserve, just waiting for our grimy hands to mold them into beautiful sound waves to satisfy your ear holes. So, stay tuned for future sneak peaks, lo-fi demos, and eventually, a new album!

See you all on May 14th!

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