Lexington, Kentucky Ska!

2019 Is Picking Up! 

Screw January 1st, celebrate The Rough Customers New Year on February 7th at The Burl! We will have an early start for a night full of punk, ska, booze, and arcade madness. For our Louisville ruffians, come hang out with us at Mag Bar the following night where there will be - you guessed it - more punk and ska!

And, keep an eye on our show listings because we have some more exciting stuff in the works for Lexington and beyond!

Quietly Plotting 

We have been kind of quiet as of late, but don't worry yourselves. That's about to change. In this downtime during the holiday season we have been at work on some new tunes, new covers, and new shenanigans.

Be sure and catch us in early February as we take the stage at new venues; The Burl in Lexington and Mag Bar in Louisville! And, as we play with new amazing bands, as well as new versions of our old favorites!

A Fool's Endeavor 

Our new EP is officially released! We have the CDs on hand, the tracks for download on our Music page, and in the next few days it will be live on all the download and streaming platforms that you all know and love!

Plus! We now have physical copies of Re-Masters of the Tune-Verse for purchase at our shows and soon to be in our Store. So much excite!

New EP!! 

Hey Ruffians! We are excited to officially announce our new five track EP, A Fool's Endeavor! 

No firm release date is slated yet, but we hope to have some cds on hand for our shows at Oktoberfest and LadyFest! So, come out and act a fool with us!  

Thanks to the wonderful Yoko Molotov for the art.